the mediterranean sun in the heart of Montreal

Existing at the intersection of art and market, bazart offers four distinct but complementary experiences; gourmet cuisine, an open-air gallery, Canada's first NFT gallery and an artisanal market in Mediterranean-inspired decor.

gourmet cuisine

The culinary art of bazart specializes in mezze and charcoal grilled dishes. Inspired by the beach restaurants of Mykonos, Ibiza and Tulum, the cuisine uses the best local products to offer an innovative gastronomic experience.

The concept has come to life thanks to a collaboration between our chef consultant Massimo Piedimonte (Mousso) and Chef Athiraj Pharsavath (Mercuri).
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NFT gallery

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allow digital works to be authenticated using Blockchain technology - the same technology used for transactions made with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether. NFTs also make it possible to ensure the rarity and provenance of digital works, which was not possible before. Thanks to this technology, digital art has the potential to establish itself as an important artistic medium, which is called "crypto art", in addition to being able to be appreciated in the same way as its contemporary analogues.

bazart's NFT gallery, the first of its kind in Canada presented in collaboration with 0x Society, pushes the boundaries of modern art in an unparalleled and transformative space.

open-air gallery

Open to the public and accessible to all ages, the open-air gallery presented in collaboration with Station 16 allows a broad audience to discover the works of several multidisciplinary artists in a labrynth-like outdoor space.

artisanal market

A «bazaar» is above all else, a market where a wide variety of merchants and goods are available to the delight of consumers. bazart therefore offers a market of local craftsmen who offer various products inspired by the Mediterranean.

join us in the heart of Montreal under a mediterranean sun

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